The Lowdown on Dry Skin

Sun. Stress. Pollution. They wreak havoc on your skin, keeping you from maintainingsmooth, youthful skin. So it ends up being dull, dry, tight and sometimes a bit rough.

Dry skin occurs because the skin doesn’t have adequatelipids to retain moisture as well as build a protective barrier against external conditions.

Whether you’re going out in the sun or facing the chilly air, here are things you might want to know about dry skin.

Dry Skin According to Skin Type                  

Your skin gets drier as you age—no matter your skin type.

If you have normal skin, then you’re neither prone to dryness and oiliness. But there are still factors that may contribute to your face becoming dry.

When you have dry skin, it will feel tight in some areas and you may develop rough patches around your face. This goes the same for combination skin types, in which areas, particularly the cheeks, become rough.

Those with oily skin only experience dry skin when they wash their faces excessively or if they have a poor skin care routine.

Risk Factors

The main causes of dry skin are age, harsh weather conditions, seasonal changes and excessive washing. Here are other preventable factors that may contribute to dry skin:

  • Dehydration
  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking

Protection from Moisture Loss

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